When was the last time…?

I don’t even remember when I wrote the last blog. This is what happens on a vacation.  It’s high time that I get in the gear.   But I had no idea what to write about so I visited wordpress webpage to get a word to write the blog about. What caught my attention was amble.  One of the meanings given in a dictionary is, “walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace.”

 stop-and-smell-the-rosesBut in today’s goal oriented life we don’t have time to slow down.  Because we are not content with what we have so we have to do and strive for better.  To do so we have to compete with others.  This makes life hectic and we are left with no time.  We go through the day on an auto pilot.  We forget to appreciate those around us, at home, on the way to the office, neighbors or anyone who crosses our path.  We miss the great connection of humanity, of oneness that amble would bring. 

 When was the last time you walked at a slow and relaxed pace?  When was the last time maxresdefaultyou returned the smiled to a stranger or returned a stranger’s smile with an open smile and not with pursed lips?  When was the last time you ambled with the intention of smelling flowers or feeling them with the back of your hand?

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