Can someone please tell me?


I haven’t written a blogpost for the last, almost, three weeks.  Not that I hadn’t been writing in my mind. It’s not because I had been lazy, as some of my family members and friends would testify. It’s just that I was so distracted that I didn’t even think about writing something.  hemispheremap

The trip to the southern hemisphere had been filled with really thinking about the mind set of people, including me, in the northern hemisphere as opposed to the southern ones. I always felt that there is nervous energy in the countries, that I have lived or visited, but the southern hemisphere countries are much calmer.  Mind you that I have been only to four countries in the southern hemisphere. 

People somehow, seem to trust the flow of life.  There is no rush, no hurry and everything chi-clock-calendar-and-map-002gets done, just the way it’s done by people living in the northern hemisphere. 

Is it because more people focus on goals and think that’s the only way to have a life – by being a go-getter.  Not that people in the SH don’t do that.  I always ask myself how can I be so calm and patience.

Please let me know if you have an answer.

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