Land of Kookaburras

Arrived in Sydney early morning.  Tired? Over 14 hours of flight.   No way Hmm… How come?  You see I like to travel in style.  87d6cb9413481d7f7d355aae77683b8b

After dinner of I changed into jamies (as Aussies call pajamas), lifted three arm rests, put a couple of pillows at one end and the remaining two, along with two plastic bag-encased folded blankets, at the other end.  Then I lay on four seats, opened two remaining blankets and stretched on four seats.  Four for the price of one!!!  What a great deal.

“We need to leave you on a beach with a case of beer,” said my Aussie colleagues and I would invariably protest, “But I don’t drink.”  The point they were making was that I needed to relax because I took life too seriously and worked too hard.

Aussies love to party and know how to enjoy themselves.  I was surprised how even the crew was so relaxed and smiling throughout the flight which was almost 15 hours.

I must confess I watched a very moving movie “A United Kingdom”.  I’m not going to write about it because it would spoil the fun in case you want to watch it. Then I started my beauty nap on my bed, thanks to Qantas.  I think four seats could be called as bed.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Woke up with a wonderful smell of food.  Had a breakfast of sautéed vegetables and a potato patty, changed my clothes and in no time we were landed in Sydney international airport. Somehow Colorado Springs always make me forget about great diversity in aunewzpopulation.

The immigration officer asks me where I was going next and I said, “Perth.”  He says, “After getting out of here, turn right and at the end and then turn right when you see McDonalds.

 “Oh, I can’t get rid of golden arches even here?????

 When I went to the domestic airport the first restaurant I stumble upon is Mexican.  How did this come here?  But I was rather glad with familiar food after about 15 hours of flight.  Oh, how will I go to all the places?



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