What strategies do you use to get rid of procrastination?

Ok, once again I haven’t written the blog for the last three weeks. I’m blaming my lack of writing to.  I know, I know, instead of taking responsibility for not writing I’m blaming what’s happening in the political arena.

But what I realize is that my relationship with politics is similar to my (ex) marital relationship. Somehow this is what I do when I feel strongly about a situation.

  1. Like and ostrich, I bury my head in sand, wishing or rather thinking that the situation would go away when I take out my head, after laying dormant for a while.
  2. I avoid any discussion about the topic that makes me uncomfortable.
  3. Procrastination hangs over my head like a sharp guillotine blades and I continue to procrastinate.

I realized that denying will not make the issues go away.  I have resolved this thing in my personal relationships but not with my relationship with what’s going on in the politics.

What strategies do you use to avoid facing an issue?  How do you come out of it?


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