Inner peace = sitting quietly with ourselves

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone –  Blaise Pascal, French philosopher

f22465d106f6e00890e12907fc8ccb6bI have a friend who has been in the process of healing for years.  She goes from one workshop to another, from one country to another in search of that peace and inner healing, and yet she feels empty inside.  She is not alone.  We all seek inner peace and happiness.  To gain that we adapt different ways.  For example we:

  • Gossip – because it keeps us busy and diverts our attention away from ourselves.
  • Drink, eat, lie and do many other things – for momentary pleasures because it makes us forget what gnaws at us.
  • Abuse others – it fills our void that we think can only be filled if we browbeat others.

All the above actions make us feel good for a little bit because they provide an escape from ourselves.  But if we want happiness, contentment and peace we have to discover who we really are; the good and the bad, or our behavior that doesn’t serve us or others and the one that does serve.

Recognizing that  our traits are what we learned growing up is the first step into 54317c3f48bd9a682d71b83a32f9b06facquiring that allusive peace of mind.  This is not to blame others because just the way we learned skills to deal with a situation from our parents, they also learned things from theirs and so no.   The beauty is in recognizing that and wanting to change it. Determination is the key to change.

Change in our behavior is not difficult.   All we have to do is still quietly and listen to our inner voice after all the havoc and distractions of the thoughts that wouldn’t let us sit quietly are subsided.  Allow the horses of your thoughts to come in, bless them, wrap them in a bubble of pink light and release.  It takes time to change so we have to be:

  • Persistent
  • Patient with ourselves
  • Reward ourselves either by doing more meditation or treating yourself to a cup of coffee.


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