What is healing to you?

As a teenager I thought healing was just physical healing and to heal any part of our body that has been wounded or hurt is to just put an ointment and nice bandage and it will be healed.

Later in my life I discovered that as life happens to us we get unseen wounds hidden 10253878_10152613664062264_7961685884494294173_nsomewhere in our mind.  The question became how to heal unseen scars?  Some say talk it out, express your anger, while others say learn a lesson.  Getting angry or keep on blaming others for our hurts, even if they caused it, never works because the scars are still hidden and the more we think that our hurts are caused by others, the more these scars hide.

So what is healing?

21d3b805e1953068b68ec946ddcefa6eHealing is aligning our soul, mind and body.  It’s easier said than done because we have learned the old ways of healing:  Blame others.  Healing is a lot of work. It’s to have internal inquiry, rather than an outer one.  It’s a long process and ego doesn’t like us to do something if there is a chance of negating it.

How do we know that we need healing in a certain area?

When some experiences, that we don’t like, keep coming in our lives despite the change in people and places.    that’s a sign that we need to deal with it so that we can heal ourselves and move on.

Healing is a step-by-step process:

  • First step is setting the intention.    healing-quotes-best-deep-sayings-any-pain
  • Internal inspection to find out our beliefs.
  • Ask if these beliefs are serving us? Like are they making us happy?
  • Be open to embracing new ideas. Once a friend told me that I always think that my way is not the only way.
  • Forgive ourselves and others, especially those who may have hurt us. This is rather a difficult concept because it’s not tangible.  It’s important to be compassionate with ourselves and more understanding of others.
  • Focus either on yourself or something else in the presence of people who irritated you.

Over time the emotional and psychological scars will, when wrapped in the bandage of love, disappear just like the physical one.

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