How often do you visit your memories?

Memories, irrespective of whether they are good or bad, are nothing but the past. Memories:10795144aa4f32ae150be7204db59092

  • are constant.
  • create nostalgia.
  • create yearning for what was that can never be again – attachment.
  • rob us of our present moment.
  • prevent us from living in the moment.

Memories are important for our survival. Memory helped humans to evolve.  But sometimes we dwell in the past so much that we totally forget to live in the present moment.  Anything, like music, smell or a word, can trigger these memories.

b1420bdc7e2428d05eaa14470756b031Short-term memories, stored in hippocampus, like remembering password or a telephone number, are essential for proper daily functioning.  Long-term memories, stored in cortex, can be a blessing or a problem if we spend too much time.

Scientific studies have revealed that there is a chemical change during the first hour after a memorable event.  This change even alters protein structure. memories

It’s important to balance living in without too much dwelling into old memories.   How much time do you spend dwelling in the past by visiting your memories?

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