How do you conquer yourself?

Today when I logged into the and saw Cheri Lucas Rowlands prompting us to write a post on the word ‘Conquer’.  That solved my problem because I couldn’t come up with today’s topic for my blogpost.

As children we think when we grow up we will conquer the world, which means that we would complete our education, get a job, get married, have children and live happily after.  Why happily ever after because if we do what we are told then there would be no end to our happiness and contentment. 55a4d55c037badc3c29358f05e275090

Unfortunately, the whole idea of happiness shatters when we do all the above and we are still not happy.


Because one thing missing in this picture is the habits, attitude and opinion that we acquire in the time we do all the above may not serve us, hence the unhappiness.  Over time we become so certain that our happiness evaporated because of other people and circumstances.  Not for a moment we think that our external world can never bring us contentment and happiness.  We, and only we, are responsible for our happiness.

quotation-bertrand-russell-fear-is-the-main-source-of-superstition-and-one-of-25-49-12When we realize the real source of happiness is in us we become afraid of losing our ideas that we held for so long.  We desperately cling to our old ideals that we saw our parents practicing.

But conquering that fear is the only way to achieve that happiness that was promised to us by the society.  It takes time to change the old habits but conquering our habits, attitude and opinions that don’t serve is the only way to our happiness.

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