What sort of records you keep?

The word record always brings numbers to my mind, the numbers that we use to find out vinyl-records-quotesour financial health.  Many a times we stash away these numbers because we feel uncomfortable.  Keeping a record of taxes is one example and we dread the process of doing taxes.  Of course, there are music records and records of correspondence among many more things.

What’s an internal record    

One thing I never associated with the word record is how my mind keeps record of 7fd2fd66c8c168f2b0a596e4bb9a95f7events and all my life experiences since my childhood.  These records are the reason we judge other and ourselves because the grooves of these records are filled with intangible, difficult to grasp perceptions, thought processes, beliefs that we learned growing up.  External records like medical records, or financial records can be easily discarded or delete the external records, however, it’s the internal records that are more difficult to get rid of, especially if they are not serving us.  But the internal records, like musical vinyl records can have grooves where our beliefs and thoughts are stuck.  We keep playing those records and sometimes we have to dust them and clean the grooves and replace the ideas because they no longer serve us.   External noises, stimulus and interaction with others reinforce what’s saved in our internal records.

Getting rid of  internal records is a doorway to freedom:

  • Awareness is the first step of our beliefs and perceptions and how they affect our

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  • Observing the repetitive patterns. Patterns that resemble the lyric that gets stuck in a groove which doesn’t let the record player needle move forward, are the ones we need to look out for.
  • Question patterns of anger, fear that may manifest as self or others-directed criticism, hatred, addiction, victimhood etc. are the ones that we need to be aware of.
  • Be willing to allow the light come in and work on it.
  • Get out of your mind by exercising or other activities that bring happiness and joy.
  • Stop looking for others’ approval.  Life is too long!!
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