Is Trump gaslighting America?

f0d571ed67a49e20e1b5ae949a29e031Many, many years ago I promised that I would never write about politics.  But I broke that promise in 2015  when I wrote an article on the presidential candidate Trump.

Why?  Well, as we all know he is a bigot, misogynist, sexist, two-faced person, and the list goes on and on.  In short, he had qualities of a gaslighter aka abuser.  There is something about abusers that I can’t resist but write, especially having lived with one and come in contact with some others.

Gaslighters or abusers, whether a member of a household or in charge of a nation, have similar behavioral patterns.  They want to be in control and feel powerful, and they use similar strategies in order to get that control and serve themselves, at all costs.   reversegaslighting

Diversion:  This strategy is used to divert the attention from the real issues, especially if the gaslighter’s victim stands up to them.  Trump and his staff have used diversions like Bowling Green massacre and terrorist attacks in Sweden when his presidency is attacked.  This is to divert attention from Russian connection.

 Playing a victim:  At a personal level gaslighters say that their life is miserable because others are sensitive.  Trump is playing a victim by saying that media gives “fake” news.  He also lamented about Nordstorm for ditching Ivanka’s brand.

Create chaos:  Purpose of this strategy is to divert attention from themselves.  Anti-Trump marches and rallies were focused on him.   Trump’s executive order about Muslim ban created chaos.  It diverted the attention from him.

Project their lies onto others:  Gaslighters are liars and to hide this fact about themselves they lie about others.  Trump first said it was a Muslim ban and then he said it’s not a Muslim ban.  Then he spread the rumor about terror attacks in Sweden.  Then he calls the news, that doesn’t serve him, “fake” news.

Blame game:  Gaslighters hold others responsible for whatever is happening, or not happening, instead of taking responsibility for their actions and their lies.  Trump, starting from his campaign until now, has called the media being unfair to him and now he calls every news “fake” news if it’s not promoting him.  He also blames Muslim for America’s security problems.

Greed and selfishness has no limit:  Like leeches gaslighters steal  others’ money and suck their energy.  They want to have luxurious lifestyle using others’ money.  Trump’s first month travel expenses are approaching to what Obama spent in a year.   While he is promoting his business interest, his budget proposal cuts programs for the poor.

Double standards:   While Trump used Clinton’s email against her, he openly discussed national security issues with the Japanese president Abe, in a private club, in the presence of other guests.

screen_shot_2014-09-07_at_12-29-48_pmHis followers, like the victim(s) of a gaslighter, are believing in everything he says.  Gaslighters play with psychology of others until they are completely brain-washed against themselves.

The only remedy to stop such people in power is nipping them in the bud.  The gaslighting has to stop at a family level so that it doesn’t spread to a country, the way Trump is doing in America, or the way dictators do it.  Well, law makers and judiciary has to take a drastic measure in order to stop Trump from gaslighting America.

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