The Fallen Penny!

With the political turmoil created with current government, I intensified my spiritual endeavors.  As a result, I look into every situation with the idea of what lesson I can learn.

pennyOne morning, as I was walking across the street after parking the car, I remembered I left my wallet in the car so I went back to the garage.  On the way I saw a penny covered with black dirt. I thought I will pick it up, look up in the sky and say, “I’m a money magnet. Thank you, thank you, thank you universe,” something they said in the Millionaire Mind seminar I attended years ago.  I told myself that I would get a tissue paper from the car and pick the penny up on the way back and give gratitude.

After getting the wallet I headed home and looked and looked for the penny but didn’t find it.  I was perplexed as to where it could have gone.  I thought it might have gotten lost somewhere in the tarmac road.


The Fallen Penny

It struck me that when coins are minted they are fresh, and shiny and their purpose is to serve people and bring comfort in their lives.  But over time, their users, humans, misuse them by putting them everywhere, until they are covered with muck and do not or cannot help people.

I thought this is how humans, just like the penny, are filled with love when we come to this world but then as we are growing up we learn to lie, hate, cheat and be unjust to others. We stop serving others and ourselves.  This is equivalent of invisible muck and we are not even aware of. We get into depression and become addicted to all sorts of things and lose our true value, just like the fallen penny.

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