Is Trump a Lota?

Last week, I had trouble writing my weekly blog with all the shenanigans and hooligans and whatnots taking over America and giving executive orders left and right.  My mind froze and it was worse than ice cream brain freeze.  It has nothing to do with the elected shenanigans.  It has to do with me, a Pakistani woman.

The trouble started when I was young.  I thought Pakistani politicians are so corrupt, so immoral, because they lie, and so unscrupulous, because they shift their views, dozen a second.  In Pakistan such politicians are called ‘Lota’, لوٹا.  This Lota is not to be confused with the Lota hotel of Chile or any other lota.

 81bfx9qx1al-_sx355_Lota, similar to an ewer, is a spherical device with a spout.  It is used to wash oneself after going to the toilet.

Someone once said,  “It’s the dirtiest practice to use lota in the toilet.”

“You think wiping yourself is cleaner than washing yourself?  If a cat, a dog or a baby pees or poops on your hand, you just wipe it and think you are clean?”

Someone said, “Ewuuu, that’s gross.”

So you get the point why we use Lota after every nature’s call.  But that’s beside the point, however, I wanted to just give some information.

Why Pakistani call a politician who changes like a chameleon Lota?  Because the person using the lota is in charge and puts it in any position they want to.  So when politicians change their stands on issues or viewpoint in accordance to the top leader’s position.  By agreeing with the leader publically such politicians want to stay in the limelight.

So, last week Trump’s Muslim ban and his  protect Americans from Muslim terrorists, is now saying this is not a Muslim ban.   Would this sort of shift make Trump a lota?

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