Expectation is root of all heartaches

expectExpectation is root of all heartaches – Shakespeare.

Expectation is a double edge sword:

Expectation is a double edged sword, or rather two sides of the same coin.  One side shows joy, while the other depicts sorrow.

Joyous side of the “Expectation” coin:

The side that brings joy is when we expect from ourselves that we can do better in anything and expect ourselves to find a way to improve our skills that help close the gap between where we are now and how we can be better.  But we have to be careful because if, for instance, we are learning to swim and after a week being in the shallow water we just want to start swimming in deep side of the pool or swim in a sea, it may not be realistic.   This way we are expecting to do better but setting ourselves up for failure.  I am sure it can be done but, I am sure, it would require a tremendous amount of swimming.  So, we should expect to always do better but we also have to set ourselves up for success.

The other side of the “Expectation” coin:

The other side of the “Expectation” coin is when we expect from others.  There are few 4acf04325057ea9f42f76d9dfe8d9626factors in play.  This is unfair to the other person.  Why? Because no one can read what’s in our mind, so the other person doesn’t know what we are expecting from them.  But, for argument sake, we tell ourselves, “But the other person should know how they are supposed to act culturally or in a certain relationship.”


expectation-quotes-01When we follow this path we set ourselves for heartaches, resentments, disappointments, sadness, remorse among other emotions.  This is also a way of giving our power away to other people with the hope that they would make us happy.  This also puts us in the victim mode because we think other people are responsible for our happiness.





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