What’s your take on a relationship?

It’s every parent’s responsibility to teach self-respect to their children:

Did you ever think that humans start a relationship way before they are born?  After all fetus has a relationship with its mother in the womb.  It also develops relationship with its mothers’ habits or activities.  Studies have shown that even music affects a fetus.  So there is no wonder that in addition to continuing its relationship with its mother, a fetus also develops relationship with its surrounding after its birth.


We would clean after ourselves if we have an iota of self-respect!

A person’s relationship with him/herself depicts how they relate to others.  It’s every parent’s responsibility to help a child grow well-balanced and have a loving relationship with themselves.  And if parents couldn’t teach a child the skill of self-respect then as adults it’s our responsibility to learn that so that we can respect others.

Our thoughts affect our attitude and behavior:

What or how we think about ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, affects our attitude a6a0313b3efb909098834b6cfe4f3445and behavior towards other people.  Relationship with oneself is also reflected in our surroundings, our possessions and our thoughts.  A person who truly respect oneself will never use swear words just because they are used by others.  A person who respect him/herself will also respect others, in both plutonic and romantic relationship.   Relationship with oneself is also an indicator of whether we will live a successful and a healthy life or not.

What does it mean when a person doesn’t respect him/herself, he/she will not respect others.  The person will use others and such people usually are moochers – the term I heard on Dr. Phil show.

Who are moochers?  


The real challenge is dropping a moocher family member!

People who, like leeches, use others to their own advantage.  They will keep doing that if unchecked. Moochers:

  • use their money and others’ money on themselves.
  • use others’ energy, time,  resources,and anything they can lay their hands on.
  • do not  take responsibility for their own happiness.
  • always blame others for their unhappiness.
  •  expect others to clean after then pick after them and serve them.  If that doesn’t happen they would get angry because, after all, they think it’s their birth right for others to serve them in every way.

Are you a moocher or you are enabling a moocher?  Share your ideas here!

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