How come you are Muslim and you aren’t covered ?

“Are you Muslim?” asked a woman when I told her I was from Pakistan  I said, “Yes, I am a Muslim,” I said.  She then asked, “How come you are a Muslim and you are not covered?”  She is not the only one to ask me why didn’t I cover myself.  Many a times I have heard women say that how Muslim women are so oppressed because men force them to cover.

Once I was staying at a B&B in Ithaca, upstate New York.  One day the owner asked me, “Is it true that Muslim women are supposed to walk behind men.” I told her no and pointed out that she has seen me, and my husband of the time, walk out the door and go to our room, and I never walked behind the husband.   But instead of believing in what I said or what she saw she chose to believe in what she had heard about Muslim women, because she asked the same question a few days later.  I told myself she has either never been outside Ithaca, or the media is really brain washing people to the extent that they forget to use their brains.

Now when I hear the U.S. male presidential candidate talk about women, I think, “Is this the value of American women?”  I would be shocked if I heard a man on the street talk they way this presidential candidate talks about half of the population. The fact that a man is even allowed to run in the race is flabbergasting.  Then his wife accuses the opposition and the media to organize her husband’s 2005 lewd tape.  Aren’t wives the last ones to know their husband’s affairs?  No, wait a minute, here at stake is a big opportunity of being the first lady of a country that thinks it’s the moral police of the world.

As a Muslim woman, if I were to choose between being forced to cover and be used by the presidential candidate, I would choose the former.  What is mind boggling is that women are supporting this candidate!!

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