Why not create a daily legacy?


Last week as I was dedicating my blog post to my brother-in-law (May his soul rest in peace) I started thinking about the question which is often asked about people who pass away.  Nowadays it’s asked even in leadership training: What legacy do you want to leave? I thought: Why should we wait to leave a legacy after we die? Why shouldn’t we reflect the affect of our actions on a daily basis?  For this, I believe, will help us become a better person. If we focus on positive actions, positive conversation then the positivity uplifts our spirit and our actions tend to be more positive. “Success begets success”.

By making ourselves accountable and taking responsibility for our behavior and attitude is the only way to make a difference.  81bdba14fbc3ff0c9ecc6b15a8eedfd2

Creating a daily legacy:

Though there are many things that we can do to show that we are creating legacy, the biggest act is showing the other person, irrespective of their race, nationality, gender, ethnic background, that they matter. Some of the following acts, if practiced on daily basis, would make the world a better place:

  • Greet. Greeting is acknowledging the existence of the other person. I worked for a company whose CEO once said, “My father taught me to always greet others, irrespective of whether they greet you or not.” What a great advice! It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Smile. Smile is a form of non-verbal universal communication and it doesn’t need any translation. It takes fewer muscles to smile than to get angry. Smiling at others results in a better mood. It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Be courteous. Courtesy could be letting others speak first, letting others go before you, letting others take food before you, offer food to others if or when we eat in front of others. It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Listen intently when someone talks because this sends the signal that the speaker matters to the listener.  It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Create a safe space where others can discuss their opinions and thought about how our actions affect them.  Then ponder about what they said about us.
  • Take each experience as a stand alone experience. Do not bring the baggage from the past.  It doesn’t cost anything.

If you want light, you must light a fire  Mawlana Rumi

Although these are small things but they generate a lot of positivity in the environment we live or work.  As Rumi Said, “If you want light, you must light a fire.”

What do you do to create positivity on a daily basis so that you leave a daily legacy that serves others, and eventually us?

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