May God bless his soul!

I dedicate this blogpost to my brother-in-law who passed away last week. Tears are rolling over my cheeks as I write and think about him. Of course, most of them are tears of sorrow but then my heart opens up to let the light of brotherly and fatherly love that he shone on me whether I was in want or I was experiencing abundance.

He was a quiet man and used few words. He was steadfast like a mountain and no upheaval wavered his determination to live a life with grace and peace. He observed everything and everyone around him. He quietly supported everyone and anyone who came in his path. He was a benevolent man with a big heart and never told anyone about his kind actions. He was a loyal husband and a dedicated father. I couldn’t attend his funeral but I heard the stories of his kindness told by many.

While I am extremely sad for losing him, I will always carry the spark that he lit in my heart, the spark that will remind me that there are good men in the world.

Thank you for coming in my life Adam Khan Bahijan and showing me what selfless kindness is.  May Allah bless your soul and grant peace to your family.



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2 Responses to May God bless his soul!

  1. bushra says:

    Thanks for your kind words. He will always be missed in our life.

  2. majdar2000 says:

    Thanks for your visit Bushra. Yes, you are right. He will always be remembered and now we have to think how can we continue his legacy?

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