Does creativity mean a big box utopia?

You are in every moment creating your life. Ultimately being aware of your life as a creative 819076endeavor is the simple secret to living a boundless life. Creativity is originality and progressiveness. We are all originality whenever we chose to tap into our creative soul. Creativity is a simple secret to living a bountiful life – getting unstuck.   Oprah Winfrey

Creativity is not just painting or drawing:  

I used to think creativity mean drawing or painting but that is a limited opinion of creativity. As Oprah, so appropriately, said that creativity is much more than that.

The purpose of our life is to continuously grow and evolve spirituality. Children have the most creativity because they are not afraid of the outcomes or others’ opinions. They live in the present moment and are happy and content; hence they can create. But as they grow they are influenced by their parents, teachers, and the culture. Irrespective of culture and ethnic background, we adults brainwash ourselves into thinking within the big box of utopia.

What is big box utopia?  It is: Study, get a job, marry, settle and then life acd6d8e757dfe35c42ca2c80751bb418will be ‘they lived happily every after’.  The big box utopia constricts our thoughts in the following ways:

  • We live our lives according to the dictates of the big box that has been influenced by the people we came across growing up.
  • We care too much about others’ opinions.
  • We compete because we have to prove that our big box is better than others’.
  • Over time we start hiding things from ourselves as well somewhere in the big box and creativity is one of them.
  • We stop being creative, i.e. stop believing in ourselves.


Results of living big box utopia:

  • We become disenchanted with our lives.
  • We become empty inside.
  • We blame others for our failures.
  • We don’t take responsibility for our actions, behaviors and attitude which resulted due to suppressing our creativity.
  • We put ourselves down.
  • We become fearful.
  • We constantly look for outer stimulus and become addicted to one thing or the other, thinking that this would fill the internal void.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a solution.

Creativity is much more than painting or drawing: 

Creativity is not just drawing or painting, though that’s part of it. Creativity is getting unstuck from within. Getting out of the rut and jumping out of the big box utopia. That doesn’t mean running away from what we have but rather making what we have even better. Instead of evaluating ourselves against the parameters set by the society: a flashy car, a big house and a highly-paid job, look within and evaluate how do we feel inside.

  • Are we happy and content? If not, then why?
  • Are you always feeling down?
  • Are you getting sick easily?

How to start being creative?

 Transform yourself: If instead of feeling happy we are always feeling down, getting sick dc898e4698b1eb082e3abc0c4a23a254 or criticizing others then it means we have to let go of them. Why? Because these are the behaviors of big box utopia upbringing we all experience.

Take responsibility for your inner self: Listen to Wayne Dyer here:

Unclutter your life?  


Some other ways to be creative:

We came here to live a life beyond our big box utopia. So start being creative Now!

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