Do you know why you use the word TRY?

In think the word ‘TRY’ should be banned from the English language and all the other yoda-do-or-do-notlanguages. Why? Because, over a decade ago I realized how ‘TRY’ is the most deceiving word.

As a child I was told the story of Napoleon Bonaparte where he was captured and imprisoned by his enemy.  He was feeling despondent and hopeless when an ant caught his attention. The tiny ant was carrying a piece of food much bigger than itself and carrying it to the crevice in one of the wall of Napoleon’s cell. As the ant crawled with the food up the wall the particle fell down and the ant came down and picked up the particle and started the climb again. The food particle fell down numerous times and the ant never gave up until it was able to take it to the crevice inside the wall. This inspired Napoleon. The moral of the story was, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.”

 7d6c9ce46b4412b3ea25c0833f49c8a61cd7006edbaff2b901e6af5301d09ce3It was much later I realized that the word try was wrongly used. Visualize a glass on a table that you want to lift. You either lift or you don’t. There is nothing in-between. When we have to do something we either do it or don’t do it. Even the ant was carrying it.

Many times we hide behind words to show our unwillingness to do or give it a half-hearted shot. Try is one of those words.

How many times have you said that you will try to do something and then didn’t do it or did it halfheartedly and said, “Well, I tried but it didn’t work. When we say we tried out best, we are using an excuse to not do something the way it should be done.


Do it again, like the ant!!

In my view, we usually use the word try when we think something is difficult, or we are afraid of not succeeding. Next time when you use the word try, think again and see what’s the real motive behind using the word.


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4 Responses to Do you know why you use the word TRY?

  1. Danita Banko says:

    When I think of the word “try” I feel little or no inspiration to give it much emphasis or energy! Period. The word is lacking any inspiration for me. Oh I guess I’ll try it… or maybe I’ll try that next time…. or I’ll try to stop using the word try… yada yada…. thank you Yoda!!!!

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