Crisis = Wah drama Wah!!!

john-f-kennedy-crisis-quotes“In Chinese another word for crisis is opportunity,  from our Strategy class. This comment was life changing for me, even though at the time I didn’t comprehend what he meant, but his comment took me back to the book Shifting Gears, that I had read in my teens. The author said that crisis means different things to different people. A maid not showing up at the regular hour could be a crisis for a South American housewife but not for North American housewife.

Crisis could mean different things to different people and we use the same word frombd775fee30deffd6228d9f328a94090b mundane situation to devastating ones like wars. What I know, years after hearing the teacher describe the word, is that crisis is OPPORTUNITY that helps us find out who we really are as a person, what are our innate strength that had been hidden for we may have been conforming to the cultural and family pressure, which may ultimately let us forget who we are.


If  a situation of your disliking comes our way, instead calling it crisis say, “Wah drama, Wah!!!”, something I learned in a meditation group I used to go to.

So when next time crisis comes our way be grateful to the people, to a particular person or a situation that sent a new opportunity our way and that we may never have dreamed of.

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2 Responses to Crisis = Wah drama Wah!!!

  1. Nasira says:

    “Wah drama wah” Love it .

  2. James Stack says:

    When I worked for the man – meaning I had a job for someone other than myself – I’d tell those who worked with me that when we were faced with an obstacle or barrier that what we were actually facing was an opportunity. Nice post, thanks.

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