Currency of appreciation

We all want to be appreciated by others for our good deeds or good qualities. Expressions of appreciation have different currency for different people. Every culture has words to 82ccad1ecc05dca4c46a39cbc9d5e590appreciate it, for it’s a universal phenomenon. I am sure every language in the world must have the word ‘thank you’ but different cultures have different way of showing their appreciation.

While in western culture, the words ‘Thank you’ may be enough, but, in Eastern cultures, the above two words may never be used, especially for family members. In Iran, if someone cooks or does something else for you involving physical labor, they say, “Dast e Shoma Dard Na Koney,” may your hands never experience pain. While, in a lot of other Middle Eastern countries the phrase, Yattasalam Yadek,” may He keep your hands safe. Another way of appreciating something is to say how much we like it.

At the end of her visit to a friend’s house my mother would always say, “The tea was so 38133301refreshing that it took away all my tiredness after a long journey.” This was her way of saying thank you.

It’s great that nowadays we have all sorts of appreciation days to celebrate different profession: Teachers Appreciation Day, Customer Appreciation Day, Employee Appreciation Day, to name a few. The question is if people are appreciated on regular basis or just on the designated day.

What is appreciation to you?  To me appreciation is worth more than just saying Thank you. Doing a nice act in return, shows me that the other person notice what I did and is appreciation-quotes-wonderful-things-1024x575being thoughtful by returning the favor with a good deed. It doesn’t mean that every time I do something good for someone, they have to reciprocate it. But once in a while I would like the person to appreciate by doing a good deed.

What’s your appreciation currency?

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