The need to repetitively do something is addiction – would you agree?

Addiction is the need to repetitively do something. Generally addiction is associated with addiction-quote-is-memory-of-pleasuregambling, sex, drugs, computer games, and alcohol that harm our physiology and of course psychology. But the most dangerous addiction goes undetected because it is instead of depending on external stimuli it thrives on internal impetuses. The biggest addiction is negative attitude. Wallowing in negativity results in depression, anxiety, and abuse, both to others and ourselves, for when we abuse others we abuse ourselves.  Unfortunately, this simple fact is not recognized and in today’s world where drug companies rule the medical field, we rush to swallow a pill than find a way to overcome internal negativity.

ab1931848ff4365a4c2c1013f1786448How does an addiction start?  Growing up we are told that our lives would be successful only if we follow parental and societal rules. To top it off media bombards us with message like we have to look a certain way, own a certain car or a product, otherwise we’ll not be accepted by the society, or our lives will be miserable.

Instead of dealing with the feelings of inadequacy that we create due to external influences, we tend to gossip or go for a quick fix.  Over time cravings for quick fixes increase, and if we cave in to our cravings, it turns it into addiction.

It becomes more convenient to feed the craving than to stop and look at the internal blocks that created the desire for external stimuli in the first place. We feel temporarily happy after feeding the craving because our attention gets focused on the addiction and we get temporarily relief from the real issues; imaginary or real.

Preempt vicious cycle of negativity and avoid addition:  there-is-no

  • Practice being in the present moment.
  • Meditate, for it clears your mind of repetitive thoughts.
  • Take responsibility for your feelings and your emotions, and actions.
  • Recognize the pattern and as soon as you catch yourself sliding down, check yourself and do something different.
  • Remember, no one has the ability to emotionally bring us down. Only we can do that.
  • Don’t give your power away.
  • Give thanks to every situation that arises because it is there to teach us a lesson.
  • Spend some quiet time with yourself.
  • Enjoy everything you do. For instance, even having a glass of water, tea or coffee quietly could be a way to not focus on negative thoughts.
  • Be grateful for life and the experiences it brings because we need them in order to evolve ourselves into better human beings.
  • Laugh at yourself.
  • Watch comedy shows or movies.

This simple exercise helps wards of negativity. Jump up and down a dozen times and say, “I feel good.” When jumping up visualize sunlight entering your body.  I guarantee this will get you laughing, which shifts the energy.

Do you have any addiction that you overcame?  Share the tools that you used to get out of it.

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