What role does patience play in self respect?

21fc50f7ca023cda984f44d2ad0485aeIt was a sugar sachet in a Johannesburg coffee shop that revealed the African proverb, journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step. I fell in love with the proverb because of its depth, and remember it from time to time.

I thought of it just recently when I had to take a flight. Patiently I packed my things, and even made a to-do-list a day before my flight so that I don’t forget anything behind and when I came at the airport flight was delayed by a couple of hours. Those two hours turned into over four hours. The passengers griped for a little but then got busy with talking to each other, or reading. I was glad for the delay because I edited a piece that I had been working on.

Why is it that when we go on a journey, as in travel of going from one place to another that we settle in after a little complain but when it comes to our life journey we become impatient? We seek instant gratification and instead of focusing on one step at a time, we want to jump from setting goals and strategies to achieving them in the shortest possible time.impatience-never-commanded-success-edwin-h-chapin

But we have enough patience to wait for things to happen when it depends on others. Why can’t we be patient to ourselves, instead of beating ourselves down? When instead of doing our part and then waiting for things to happen, we become impatient with ourselves it means we are not respecting ourselves.

Why do we, instead of doing the work and letting the things take their course, become impatient with ourselves? Being impatient to ourselves means that we don’t respect ourselves and at the moment of being impatient we are depriving ourselves of love.



Do you ever get impatient? Did you ever think the reason for getting impatient with yourself? Let us know whether you are a patient or an impatient person?  Remember patience is love in the long-haul.


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2 Responses to What role does patience play in self respect?

  1. sheepcarrot says:

    I am super impatient, with just about everything. I know it’s something I need to work on, but it’s so hard when I want to see immediate results. It’s with just about everything, too: my flowers, weight loss and exercise/fitness goals… it’s a constant struggle to break the “are we there yet” mentality for me.

    • majdar2000 says:

      Thanks for stopping by. We are all in it together and in this day and age, when the media messages bombard us with instant gratification, we become impatient with ourselves, and at times we badger ourselves. Unfortunately this instant gratification pulls us in every possible direction.

      It’s important to set a goal and plan and follow steps to achieve that goal. But we have to give ourselves time. Like a swan, all we need to do is keep doing the work while keeping our head above the work and enjoy life, as is.

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