If not Hope, then what?

My mother told me a story when I was young and it was something like this:  After napoleonbonaparte106371defeating Napoleon Bonaparte in one of the battles, his enemy captured him and put him in a prison cell. He was disheartened about the situation and started making a plan about his escape, but couldn’t see any way out.  Then he saw an ant trying to carry a food particle, ten times its size, from the corner of the floor to the top of the skirting of the wall.  But the gravity seemed to be stronger than the push of a tiny ant, though the ant was not aware of it. It was also not aware of the man staring at it. So, the ant kept rolling the particle up and after about ten attempts the ant was able to take it up the skirting and eventually to its home.  I don’t remember how Napoleon got out of the prison.

hope-changeBut I remember that it was a lesson in persistence, though now it seems the story was about hope as well.

What’s the difference between hope and persistence? I know persistence means keep doing things, over and over again, despite failing at it. But what makes us keep doing something when we don’t get the results we want. If not hope, then what else.

Hope is that emotion that only sees light. The light blinds it so much that it becomes oblivious of the darkness. It is this beam of light that pulls the person, like a magnet, towards the unknown. But it fills the heart with joy to the extent that all the sorrow, fears and sadness vanish.

hopeHope has made many entrepreneurs and inventors around the world.  Hope dares us to dream big so that we can change our lives for the better.  Hope has helped many people free themselves of mental and physical slavery.

What does hope mean to you?  Please enlighten us with your thoughts.

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One Response to If not Hope, then what?

  1. Hope for me is being willing to see past the pain and the obstacles, and is aided by persistence. It gives me the ability to keep going when I don’t feel like it. It renews my spirit and helps me to know without a doubt that my path, though sometimes overwhelming and twisted, will eventually straighten so I can push on without the weight of my fears, sadness, or doubts. Hope is the silver lining. It is rhe catalyst to realizing my dreams and purpose. Thank you for this wonderful post.

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