Just relax and let life happen!


This weekend I didn’t have enough time to write my weekly blogpost because I was writing my thoughts about the law that was recently passed in the provincial assembly of Punjab, Pakistan.  I was also busy with out of town visitors.

But in order to keep my commitment of posting a weekly post I looked around for inspiration and found this quote by Kody Keplinger.

Just as I was pondering about today’s  blog a friend telephoned and said that she had a fall a few days ago and fainted.  But when she came into her senses she felt all right even though her nose was bruised.  She asked a nurse friend to see her nose.  The friend told her that her nose was broken, even though it wasn’t crooked.  She was glad that her friend helped her find out what had happened because she didn’t like going to a doctor.

“Oh, well I guess I have to relax and let the healing take place,” she said at the end of our conversation.

So today I thought I will write as much as I can and then relax and trust that more ideas and thoughts will come tomorrow and I can always add them to the post.

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4 Responses to Just relax and let life happen!

  1. Take care of self and the rest will follow, yes. Lovely reminder, Majida. Your wisdom is inspiring.

  2. majdar2000 says:

    Ah… Kim you are always good about visiting my blog. Thank you. I am still learning though.

  3. S.K. Lamont says:

    I love this quote, Majida! Just what I needed to read today, I think I will write it out and put it on my desk as a reminder. Thanks for sharing!

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