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Nowruz Mubarak – Happy Iranian new year

  March 20, 2016 marked the  Nowruz, the Iranian new year. Originally celebrated by Zoroastrians it’s now the most celebrated occasion inside Iran and is also celebrated by Iranians worldwide.  According to Shahnameh, the epic poem by Iranian poet Ferdowsi, the … Continue reading

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Letting go is not easy because we are creatures of habits!

Many a times when I face a situation that I am uncomfortable with, an image pops up in my mind and I am reminded of the time when I accompanied my niece to a gold shop in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  She … Continue reading

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Just relax and let life happen!

This weekend I didn’t have enough time to write my weekly blogpost because I was writing my thoughts about the law that was recently passed in the provincial assembly of Punjab, Pakistan.  I was also busy with out of town visitors. But in … Continue reading

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