Ah, The Finishing Line!

2015 October Platform Challenge

Boy, oh boy!   Time passes so quickly when you are busy, as people say. However, I have never experienced or heard that time passes quickly when one is participating in a challenge. But that’s exactly what happened with 2015 October Platform Challenge organized by Robert Lee Brewer, Senior Content Editor of Writer’s Digest Writing Community.

I must give this one to Mr. Brewer. He made it easy for us by giving instructions and providing resources. Though many a times I found some assignment challenging because it meant exposing myself.

I felt that the challenge threw me in the Writer’s Den. The participants are serious writers and I felt a little apprehensive because I had never done something like this and writing has been leisurely hobby, and I wrote for publications whenever I had time. I admire the participants’ dedication and was inspired by how some of them created wonderful Facebook page during the challenge.

Once I take on the challenge I always like to complete so I would say I was dedicated as well.   However, since I don’t want to reveal about myself too much some tasks were rather challenging than it may have been for others. But I am thankful to Mr. Brewer because how he, so nonchalantly, gave us assignments. Creating a Facebook account with public access, for instance, freaked me out but I did it any way. He also coaxed us into start blogging regularly. We also learned about building platform by using different social media.

A couple of times the assignment was to write and write. As a result I wrote an article that I had been meaning to for the last several years. I completed my memoir and wrote so many articles but I never made time to write this. Finally I penned it yesterday on Day 30, one of the days when we were supposed to have gone writing.

What I like the most was the guest blog on other people’s blog and the opportunity to pitch for an article to be included in 2017 edition.

It was a wonderful experience. Thank you Mr. Brewer J You did a great job! I also want to do a great job so from now on. I want to take writing seriously and write and write more.

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3 Responses to Ah, The Finishing Line!

  1. wordmage says:

    I hope that you have stepped back to view all that you accomplished over the last month. Go ahead, take a look. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Reach around and pat yourself on the back. No, really. Do it. And say out loud, “I did that.” You’d be surprised how good it feels to acknowledge, out loud, how much you have achieved. And to recognize that you are taking writing seriously.

  2. James Stack says:

    While we write alone, we also write as a community. We share our work with others who can help us, and then we open it to the world. What an exciting and liberating feeling. Keep writing.

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