Day 24 – Mr. Brewer is Tricking Us into Writing a Daily Blog

2015 October Platform Challenge – Day 24

Robert Lee Brewer, the organizer of 2015 October Platform Challenge, had encouraged us to choose a day in a week in which we would like to write a blog, and then stick to that day. Though he kindly allowed us to count our duty of writing a blog for a particular week completed if he asked us to write on a different day than our selected day in that week. Sunday was my day for writing a post. Lo and behold when I saw today’s assignment (Saturday, October 24)  it was to write a blog. He advised us that it’s better to write five posts a month, a week apart, than in a single day. But the catch is in how he finished the sentence, ‘That is, unless you have a daily blog’. Ha! It reminds me of a story:

On a sunny Saturday morning a mother was coaxing her two unhappy boys to finish their math homework of addition, subtraction and division. Along came the father and offered to drive them to a pet store. Boys jumped up and down with joy and happily accompanied their father. They looked at different pets and decided to buy bunnies. The boys liked some white bunnies, some black and some black and white bunnies. Father complied with their wishes and asked them to tell the storeowner how many bunnies they wanted to buy in total and how many bunnies of each color they wanted. The boys counted once but mixed up the numbers. Then they counted again and mixed up the numbers. The father told them again to remember how many they wanted in total, how many of them white, black, and black and white. Then add all the bunnies to make sure that they got the total number of bunnies they wanted to buy. One of the boys said to the other, “He is tricking us into learning math.”

Mr. Brewer is clever because he is tricking us into writing a daily blog.

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5 Responses to Day 24 – Mr. Brewer is Tricking Us into Writing a Daily Blog

  1. amariesilver says:

    I’d rather write a daily blog than eat my vegetables.

    • majdar2000 says:

      Thank you Marie for your comment. I always like your comments because they are funny:) By the way, I am a vegan so I do nothing but eat my vegetables. Now I know the secret of my not writing a daily blog!! Hmm… perhaps I can start writing daily as well because I can’t not eat my vegetables. What’s your suggestion?

      • amariesilver says:

        Hmmm….how about, if you don’t write daily, you have to eat…..a steak. No….that’s cruel…to both your digestive track and the cow….I’m afraid you’ll have to figure this one out. Best of luck!

      • amariesilver says:

        By the way, I admire your Vegan lifestyle. I often wonder if the population as a whole wouldn’t from all these health problems if they crossed over to at least a mostly Vegan diet.

  2. majdar2000 says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Allison. Yes, that would be a good incentive to write, ie the choice between writing and eating a steak. I became Vegan after moving to the UAE. But I had stopped eating chicken or red meat in general when I came to the US after living in Botswana. The cattle over there is let loose and graze wherever it fancies. The meat is so delicious and not to talk of the game meat. Which admittedly was a bit salty but the flavor was great. The meat here smells so strong because of the hormones they feed.

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