Write, Write and Write Every Day – Expert’s Advice

Brian Cox – Editor Detroit Legal News

Write, write and write every day – Brain Cox

3 Steps to Becoming Awesome Writer

The assignment for day 18 of the 2015 Platform Challenge is to interview an expert for an interview post. What I like about Mr. Brewer’s assignments is that he gives us easy to follow specific instructions. In my vies his assignments are designed to set up participants up for success.

I read today’s challenge at ten Mountain Time because I had visitors for the weekend and they were leaving today. So, I immediately emailed the interview request to an expert in the field of writing and editing before I left for the airport which is two-hour drive one way. Upon my return I checked my email and hadn’t heard from the expert. Then I contacted another expert and requested for an interview of 20 minutes.

The expert graciously agreed for the interviewed. When I completed my interview it was 9:30pm Mountain Time. I know the deadline is midnight, which is my 10pm. I’ll try to finish writing the interview by then but if not, I will not sleep until I finish and post it because once I take on a challenge I have to finish it.

The reason I chose this award winning expert is because he has made a positive difference through his writing.

Meet the award winning writer, editor Brian Cox who is currently working as the the Editor of Detroit Legal News http://www.legalnews.com/detroit/ in Detroit, Michigan.

Right after high school graduation Brian moved from Michigan to New York city where he attended night classes at Hunter College and worked as the Editorial Assistant of Alfred Hitchcock Magazine during daytime.  Soon he became the Managing Editor of the magazine.

Then Brian moved to Chicago where he got involved in freelance proof reading and copy editing for several magazines and book publishers. He also wrote for various catalogues, and marketed business to business magazines.

Brian’s next adventure brought him back to Michigan where he worked for Heritage Newspapers that consisted of 11 suburban publications (Nine weekly and two twice-weekly). http://www.heritagenews.com/ . This is where I was introduced to Brian when I was working as a part-time freelance writer.

Besides writing regular newspaper articles, editorials and Op-Ed column, Brian has also covered sports, local politics and education. Brian’s expertise in investigative reporting and column writing has won him prestigious Michigan Press Association Award and the Suburban Newspaper Association award.

Brian has also trained, taught writing classes with the focus on column writing and opinion pieces. One of his training session titled, ‘Writing With Your Child’ can be viewed at YouTube video Writing With Your Child.

In the last four years Brian has directed six plays for Michigan Playwrights and wrote and directed three of his own plays that were produced in Ann Arbor Civic Theater and From Around Here theater of Ypsilanti.  In addition Brian continues to write short stories for Alfred Hitchcock magazine.

Brian has always encouraged people to write better and has always been a positive influence to his friends and colleagues.

Below are Brian’s answers to additional questions that I asked after getting his background information.

What made you successful?

I love doing (writing) it and I love reading.

What advice would you give to writers aspiring to be successful in their career?

The main or the most important advice is this:

  • Write, write and write every day. If you write every day you will finish what you start and you will become a better writer.
  • Write and rewrite. Usually we don’t know what we are writing until we have finished what we thought we are writing.
  • Read authors who are writing what you would like to write and learn from them.

What would be the next step once a writer has finished writing?

Give what you wrote to someone you trust so they could give you feedback about what you wrote. Once you have polished a piece then send it out to the market. Joining writing groups is a great help.

What’s the best way to market a nicely written polished piece?

This is the hardest part. Study the market and figure out the best fit for you. To do so you should attend writers’ conferences, visit bookstores and libraries. Find the agents who are representing writers that your respect or people who write similar to what you want to write.

It’s 11:34pm Mountain Time and my eyes are teary.  I edited it once and now I have to submit this, otherwise I will never meet today’s challenge.  I will update the blog with his photo that I have already requested.

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