Of (Celiac) Diseases, Realtors and Inner Struggles

Day 12 of 2015 October Platform Challenge requires us to visit other blogs and leave comments. What I like about Robert Brewer is that he gives us directions and provides resources as well.  From the long list of blogs I was able to comment on five blogs today, though I looked at more than that.  Here are my comments:

I commented on the first blog because I have studied nutrition for four years and I cannot restrain myself from commenting on anything related to nutrition.  I was also fortunate because my mother was an excellent cook.  She was purist when it came to food.  So much so that she soaked rock salt in water and used it for every day cooking.

I have given the link and then my comments that I made on the blog:


Thanks Yvonne for covering this topic. I know this is and old post but I felt compelled to leave a comment. Celiac disease may, in addition to the symptoms you mentioned, result in tiredness, lack of enthusiasm in life, heaviness in shoulders. What people in the US don’t realize that it’s not only the gluten in wheat but it’s the use of white flour, which adds to the complexity of celiac disease.   Here in the US white wheat flour seems to be the staple. Think last week how many times did you consume white flour and/or sugar, even if you don’t have celiac disease. The best thing would be to compare, over a period of time, the symptoms of celiac disease with people without celiac disease but consuming the same amount of sugar. What do you think? I would love to hear your comments

Poet Ariel http://arielccwillowandotheraliases.blogspot.com

I would like to say that I am honored that you included me as your friend. I would also like to say thank you for leaving your comments on my post yesterday.   In addition to concern for human rights and letting go of ego and attachment, we have another thing in common. And that is participating in challenges because a challenge gets my adrenaline going.

Now to the question of why realtors don’t do their job. I have learned that people do what they are capable of. All humans have a great potential but to bring out the potential we need to have either experienced some things or learned certain skills to bring that potential out. Additionally people show us a mirror, i.e., they reflect back to us what we have done or doing either to ourselves or to others. Did you ever drop a ball on others when they asked you to help them, the way you asked someone to help you and they dropped the ball? When you say that people don’t listen to what you want. Do you think you are listening to them? Are they getting a clear message? I remember once when I was living in Botswana it took me countless weeks to find a house I wanted. Hang in there!! Apologies if the questions I posed come across too direct.


I started writing after producing and presenting a 13-episode cooking program on Bahrain TV. Magazines and newspapers asked me to write food columns for them. Meeting deadline week after week for years excited me. Writing regular business column also excited me.   However, I would say that writing without any deadline at times is boring. Additionally when I’m writing about an emotionally difficult situation I tend to procrastinate. Do you think any of these reasons cause you to sidetrack? When we chide ourselves and feel guilty for having good times then every muscle in our body rebels and we self sabotage. Could this be the reason?


I like the little epitaph in the middle of the Welcome page of your blog, under your email address. The coffee beans and the cup with coffee captivated me. Not long ago I bought a car because I liked its cup holders. Lol!!. Kept the car for over five years.

Challenges that you mentioned on the on the Welcome page are like shadows. That reminds me of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, a novel I read a long time ago. Once Jane was sitting on a bench in the garden sketching trees and foliage. Mr. Rochester, who happened to pass by, said something to the affect; ‘it’s the very depth of shadows that make the sun brighter’. I thought how it reflects the reality of life. Without challenges we wouldn’t appreciate good times. I loved the way you started your 2015 October Platform blog. Much love and peace to you and may all your endeavors be successful.


Polish born French Noble prizewinner Madame Marie Curie had once said that at times she thought she was not good for what she was doing. I think women have this disease of putting oneself down because of societal pressure irrespective of where we live in the world. The desire to be a perfectionist stems from having to do and prove to the world so much, especially in these changing times. Do you think this could be the reason to feel like a fraud, to put it in your words?

Please leave your comments and questions.  Thank you.

Follow me on Twitter: @MajidasJourney


Follow me on Twitter: @MajidasJourney

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7 Responses to Of (Celiac) Diseases, Realtors and Inner Struggles

  1. majdar2000 says:

    Copyright @ Majida Rashid 2015

  2. Majida, I enjoy your thoughtful collection of website visits here, and appreciate your visiting and including mine! Thank you. I hope to see you in Twitter for the #platchal live chat this evening!

  3. miladyronel says:

    Thanks for sharing. I especially like your comment on shadows.

    • majdar2000 says:

      Thanks Mila for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. Are you in Zambia or Zimbabwe?

      • miladyronel says:

        South Africa – surrounded on three sides by two oceans; home of Nelson Mandela (RIP) and the big five (majestic animals that also grace our currency); sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Nation.

  4. majdar2000 says:

    Oh, the beautiful country where lies my most favorite city – Cape Town.

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