Struggling with Ego and Attachment

“I’m gathering dandelions,” said  the little girl in pink dress when I asked her what she was doing. “My sister and I used to collect them when we were little. Then we used to blow on them, ask questions and we would see the answer,” I said and continued with my walk while she joined her friends who were standing farther away.

I had just finished watching “The Shift”, the movie that my daughter sent me after Wayne Dyer passed away. I finally watched it today and then I looked for Day 10 of 2015 October Challenge and went out for a walk.

Dr. Dyer tells us to be open and flexible in addition to letting go of ego and detachment. I am still struggling with ego and detachment part even though I had been meditating since the 80’s. Just this morning I was with a person from another culture and the person’s comment made me feel not good despite knowing that same words may mean different things to different people from different cultures.

Anyhow when it comes to being open and flexible I think I have no problem with that. At 13 I wanted to be a nutritionist but embraced whatever came along. Because of this openness and flexibility I left a good job and accepted something unconventional in the name of, ‘it is a leap of faith’. Though I must say that some self-interest also played a part.

After the movie I thought I have been open and flexible all my life so why haven’t I found my purpose or why haven’t I manifested everything I want (ego (double check)). How come I still don’t trust the process of life (ego)? Why am I always focused on the end goal rather than enjoying the process of life and being in the present.

I am and have always been very impatient because I always want things to happen yesterday. I think of doing something today and then think why didn’t it happen yesterday. A Pakistan proverb, “Growing mustard greens on your palm,” is for people like me who want the impossible to happen. But I think nothing is impossible.

Is letting go of ego and learning to be a detached observer easy for everyone?  Please leave your comments. Thank you.  Follow me on Twitter: @MajidasJourney

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10 Responses to Struggling with Ego and Attachment

  1. majdar2000 says:

    Copyright@Majida Rashid 2015

  2. poet Ariel says:

    A lot to think about …. You touched upon two passions of mine – feminism (human equality) and diversity – and gave me a viewpoint I had not considered. Thank you!
    And confession: reading one posting led to reading several postings. You have a strong voice; I am happy to become aquinted with it. ~ Ariel

    • majdar2000 says:

      Thank you poet Ariel. I am glad two of our passions are similar. I think I am here at this time to present another view point so that the world could be a better place and we can transcend differences that serve none other than global politics.

  3. Y Mikalopas says:

    Hi Majida – Living in the present is so hard because we plan, plan, plan – don’t we? I know I do, mostly out of necessity to manage life. I find I am most in the present when I am engaged directly with people be it giving a presentation, working with patients, or talking face to face with my children. Life gives us purpose everyday even if we lose sight of it from time to time or struggle with self doubt. I enjoyed your post.

    • majdar2000 says:

      Thank you for your thoughts and welcome to the club. It’s the same thing with me. That’s the reason we want to be busy so that we don’t have to deal with our inner thoughts where, due to our expectations, we think we’ll find unwanted thoughts.

  4. Seb Dani says:

    Great post. Well done

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