Putting Things in Perspective

Day 9 assignment of 2015 October Platform Challenge is to write something on our blog and make an editorial calendar.  Yesterday’s task was to share a link on our newly created Facebook page The link should be relevant to our interest and the target audience.   I found out a link about Pakistani women’s rights.  Then I wrote something to show why I chose the link.  I shared the link and the write-up on my Facebook page.  I am sharing the same piece here.

When I was four my mother told me the stories of how writers played a role in freeing India from the British rule. Her stories became alive when I started writing my memoir that is soon to be published. It was then I realized that she instilled two things in me, the power of writing and freedom. Freedom is a little confusing because it could mean different things to different people. To some it’s freedom of appearance, like to dress up however one wants. Others think freedom is in one’s mind. I agree with the latter.

Anyway, I want to share something that is very close to my heart; women’s rights. After all I am a woman. Please note: I am not a feminist or any other label women are assigned to when they speak up.

I am giving this brief because the assignment for Day 8 of 2015 October Platform Challenge is to find and share an article that is relevant to my audience. I want men to read this article as well not because they comprise of almost half of the world’s population but because they are political decision makers. Though my target audience is women of 20 and above. I believe the 21st century is for women and it’s the women who will make a difference in other women’s lives, irrespective of where they are in the world.

I have one request for the readers: please suspend ego any pre-conceived ideas about Pakistani women while reading the article.

Let me share some facts about the rights of Pakistani women. My salary, wherever I worked in the world, has either been equal or even better than men because growing up in Pakistan I heard the salaries are based on qualifications and experience. Period. According to the government of Pakistan currently out of 267 National Assembly members 59 are women. http://www.na.gov.pk/en/composition.php.

In 1965 Fatima Jinnah participated in the presidential elections of Pakistan. The US came up with Only a female candidate – Hillary Clinton, 43 years later. Both women shared the same fate. Benazir Bhutto the Prime Minister of Pakistan served two non-consecutive terms in1998-90 and then 1993-96. Up until now the US has not had a female leader.  It’s important to keep these facts in mind before judging the content of the article. Also bear in mind the role US played in the progress of women’s rights. Gone are the days when Western superpowers could colonize or invade other countries and think it won’t affect people in the distant lands. A point in case is Russian invasion of Afghanistan, which took Pakistan 50 years back and affected women’s rights in Pakistan. Below is a quote from the article that I am sharing.

“there is no serious commitment…around the whole question of women’s rights. This was created very deliberately in the 1980s by the military government of the time which was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan, using Islamic groups.”

1980s was the time when Mujahedeen were trained in Pakistan with the financial backing of the US government of the time. Of course Pakistani government is also responsible for letting this happen but which government in the world doesn’t want to extend its rule if it can. I rest my case in order to let you read the article. Pakistani women’s rights.

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