Day 1 – I love my new boss!!

My new job started on August 31, 2015.  My timings are from 7:00am – 3:00pm.  I woke up at 6 and went to the work around 6:45 am, no one at work.  I waited for my boss, who I will call B, to come but B was nowhere to be seen.  Decided to leave the room for a little bit and when I returned B’s mother shouted at me for being seven minutes late.  She said B’s father was angry at her because I was late to work.  Then she disappeared and I told B’s father that I was waiting for my B to come.

The interesting thing was that I didn’t mind the shouting because the moment I saw B I fell in love.  I wanted to be with B all the time.  The day went well.  We got along except for a few things we couldn’t see eye-to-eye, especially when B threw tantrum.   I thought the first day was success because the time flew, though I was tired a bit.

I thought of the best way to deal with what happened in the morning was to look at it as the two sides of a coin; feeling a victim or focusing on my love for B.  Victimhood is like ice cream, my favorite dessert.  Ah!! a cool spoon of yummy sweet and cold blob.  When it hits the tongue our taste buds ooze out and flood the mouth.  A gush of sweetness fills the mouth and the body desires to have a little more and then a little more, until we realize we have gulped the whole ice cream tub.  A point comes when we get addicted to it but the side-affects make us obese.  Victimhood is exactly like ice cream.  It tastes so good while we are experiencing it, taking pity on ourselves but doesn’t serve us in the long run.  So, I decided to let go of this option and chose to focus on my love of B.

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4 Responses to Day 1 – I love my new boss!!

  1. Souhir says:

    Love your writing. Way to go sister x

  2. majdar2000 says:

    Thank you for liking my writing.

  3. majdar2000 says:

    Copyright @ Majida Rashid. All rights reserved.

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