What is Freedom?

As a child I thought freedom is getting whatever I wanted.  And I wanted to have one family consisting of my siblings, my father and my mother only.  But it was never to be because father was dedicated to his second wife.  In that scheme of things my mother and I were somewhere lost in the geography of the house that my father almost never visited; ie. as far as I can remember.

As I grew older and became a young woman I thought women, who do not cover themselves in public are free.  Alas I found out that it was not the case.  I discovered it was just an opinion.  Then I thought if I got educated enough then I would be free.  The list kept changing and I kept chasing the list.

Freedom is not external but it’s a state of mind.  We humans by default are gregarious and it is impossible to live free because we always have to think of our performance in context with our world. We think of our parents’ view point and we either comply or rebel; whichever path we take our actions are reactions, in response to what we think of others.  We graduate from parents to friends, to spouses, to children, to stock markets and the list continues to grow as we grow.  We keep updating the list until chasing the list, which we think would bring us freedom, becomes a rat race.

Then we search for solutions that would bring us peace and people who may be step a head of most of us start sending out free advertising videos promising that if you purchase their courses or enrolled in their training you would achieve whatever you want.  But freedom is no where to be seen because even they are chasing potential clients with the hope that people would buy their services?  Where is freedom?  I guess if someone invented a pill that would give free people would control the world but then that person will become slave of the thoughts of owning the world!

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2 Responses to What is Freedom?

  1. Sou says:

    Terribly sorry – We do go through dark waters as we swim to the shore- It’s not easy to identify freedom. It’s so fluid so illusionary… we are all free yet emprisoned- the dilemma of life- how much choice do we really have, except the amazing choice of being who we are- So, be girlfriend- Shine like a unique diamond xxxxx

  2. majdar2000 says:

    Thank you so much Sou. I totally agree with you that we are imprisoned in the cage our thoughts

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