Can someone please tell me?


I haven’t written a blogpost for the last, almost, three weeks.  Not that I hadn’t been writing in my mind. It’s not because I had been lazy, as some of my family members and friends would testify. It’s just that I was so distracted that I didn’t even think about writing something.  hemispheremap

 The trip to the southern hemisphere had been filled with really thinking about the mind set of people, including me, in the northern hemisphere as opposed to the southern ones. I always felt that there is nervous energy in the countries, that I have lived or visited, but the southern hemisphere countries are much calmer.  Mind you that I have been only to four countries in the southern hemisphere. 

 People somehow, seem to trust the flow of life.  There is no rush, no hurry and everything chi-clock-calendar-and-map-002gets done, just the way it’s done by people living in the northern hemisphere. 

 Is it because more people focus on goals and think that’s the only way to have a life – by being a go-getter.  Not that people in the SH don’t do that.  I always ask myself how can I be so calm and patience.

Please let me know if you have an answer.

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 Land of Kookaburras

Arrived in Sydney early morning.  Tired? Over 14 hours of flight.   No way Hmm… How come?  You see I like to travel in style.  87d6cb9413481d7f7d355aae77683b8b

After dinner of I changed into jamies (as Aussies call pajamas), lifted three arm rests, put a couple of pillows at one end and the remaining two, along with two plastic bag-encased folded blankets, at the other end.  Then I lay on four seats, opened two remaining blankets and stretched on four seats.  Four for the price of one!!!  What a great deal.

“We need to leave you on a beach with a case of beer,” said my Aussie colleagues and I would invariably protest, “But I don’t drink.”  The point they were making was that I needed to relax because I took life too seriously and worked too hard.

Aussies love to party and know how to enjoy themselves.  I was surprised how even the crew was so relaxed and smiling throughout the flight which was almost 15 hours.

I must confess I watched a very moving movie “A United Kingdom”.  I’m not going to write about it because it would spoil the fun in case you want to watch it. Then I started my beauty nap on my bed, thanks to Qantas.  I think four seats could be called as bed.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Woke up with a wonderful smell of food.  Had a breakfast of sautéed vegetables and a potato patty, changed my clothes and in no time we were landed in Sydney international airport. Somehow Colorado Springs always make me forget about great diversity in aunewzpopulation.

The immigration officer asks me where I was going next and I said, “Perth.”  He says, “After getting out of here, turn right and at the end and then turn right when you see McDonalds.

 “Oh, I can’t get rid of golden arches even here?????

 When I went to the domestic airport the first restaurant I stumble upon is Mexican.  How did this come here?  But I was rather glad with familiar food after about 15 hours of flight.  Oh, how will I go to all the places?



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What strategies do you use to get rid of procrastination?

Ok, once again I haven’t written the blog for the last three weeks. I’m blaming my lack of writing to.  I know, I know, instead of taking responsibility for not writing I’m blaming what’s happening in the political arena.

But what I realize is that my relationship with politics is similar to my (ex) marital relationship. Somehow this is what I do when I feel strongly about a situation.

  1. Like and ostrich, I bury my head in sand, wishing or rather thinking that the situation would go away when I take out my head, after laying dormant for a while.
  2. I avoid any discussion about the topic that makes me uncomfortable.
  3. Procrastination hangs over my head like a sharp guillotine blades and I continue to procrastinate.

I realized that denying will not make the issues go away.  I have resolved this thing in my personal relationships but not with my relationship with what’s going on in the politics.

What strategies do you use to avoid facing an issue?  How do you come out of it?


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Is the word survive used to indicate victimhood?

Every language projects the culture of its people.  Some languages, like English, French are spoken in more than one country, while others are spoken in one country only, or in the territories bordering that country, at the most.   survival-quote-7-picture-quote-1

Even when one language is spoken in several countries across the continent, every day words change to indicate our culture.  Let’s take the word ‘Survive’.  This one word indicates so many things about a culture at micro-level.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, “survival is the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.” 

473617713-things-i-need-to-survive-life-funny-quotes-sayings-picturesBut we have nullified the actual meaning by using it for trivial things.  For instance, we say, I survived her constant chattering.  Though listening to an extremely talkative person is not an ordeal to the extent that it could endanger our existence.Why do we use words to show the world how brave we are or what a difficult task I accomplished?  It could also reflect on how much of a victim we feel we are.

Do you use certain words for the sake of the above mentioned feelings? If so, then why?


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Why we wait for big events to celebrate

In every country and every culture, across all races and ethnicity, people have special birthday-quote-by-oprah-winfreydays to celebrate.  These days may mark religious, personal, historical events and tradition.

The question is that why do we wait for some particular dates or time to come so that we could celebrate.  In the olden days, in some culture people even celebrated the start of the season.

Celebrate every day:                                      


Every morning, after we wake up, the first thing when we open our eyes, is to celebrate our live, our breath that keeps us alive.  Why wait until we get a material thing.


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What is happiness is to you?

Unhappy mind is unforgiving mind.  The unforgiving mind is full of fear and offers love no room to be itself. It is torn with doubt, confused about itself and all it sees…” ACIM

7df2c73195ef62c8298ee47459879666We all want to be happy. But do we really know how to be happy.  One common way is to set up goals so that after achieving them we feel happy.  Then that happiness vanishes and we are back to square one and then we look at things, people and events that can bring happiness to us.  So we look outwards and expect from others to make us happy.


Happiness is a learned behavior:   

Hafiz Love Quotes In Farsi - Valentine Day inside Love Quotes In Farsi

Light a fire if you want fire!

A friend’s husband was always grumpy.  He would never laugh, unless people he bullied cried.  He always had a scowl and even clenched his lips when smiling.  Children learn from their parents because they were unhappy, manipulative, abusive and unloving. But at some point in life adults have to put a stop to it in order to bring happiness to themselves and to people around.

Of course, we can never be happy 24/7 because we are human and our emotions fluctuate.  The difference between normal and habitually unhappy people is that latter are constantly looking for ways to be unhappy, either about themselves or mostly about others.

Strategies for dealing with unhappy people:  

  • Ignore their rants, for even if you did something to make them happy they would find something else in you to be unhappy about.
  • Never engage with them because they are never interested in working on a problem. Their only aim is to complain argue or badger others, with the purpose of intimidating.
  • Avoid their company.
  • Stand up for yourself and let them know that you are not intimidated of their threats or tactics.

 If we do any of the following things, then we have to ask ourselves why are we unhappy happiness-quote-3land what can we do to change our pattern.

Unhappy people are either:

  1. Complainers, or
  2. Complainer and aggressive

Complainers always find something, certain people, or life experiences to complain about. They always feel miserable because they think:

  • Others are taking advantage of them.
  • They are always giving to others.
  • If something has to go wrong it will.
  • Even if things go their way they will find faults.

It’s best to leave such people to their own devices.

 Type B unhappy people are a different ball game.  First they complain and then become aggressive and bullies.  It’s important to not take a bait they use to attack.  At times it’s important to stand up to them but it’s not worth spending time or energy on them.  Such people use every possible tactic to intimidate others.  They:

Don’t like happy people. Quickly get sick.
Don’t like orderly life. Can never be pleased, no matter what.
Are lazy and always looking for a fight. Don’t like people who stand up to their bullying.
Bully others in order to feel good. Are nitpickers.
Thrive in chaos because this way they avoid looking at their own behavior. Are self-serving dictators who want absolute control and want people to be afraid of them.
Are mean, manipulators, arrogant, controlling and cunnings. Go back on their words and complain that others are not keeping their word.
Are always rude and lie. Can never, ever be happy.
Are never grateful or do anything useful for others. Are moochers and take from others, be it money, time or anything els

Our traits that rob us of happiness:

Thought or Action Underlying Reason
Don’t like someone happy. Envy
Cannot see others laughing. Jealousy
Criticize others’ laughter. Self-pity and Control
Blame others for their unhappiness. Victimhood
Nitpicking Low self-esteem and low self-image
Bickering. Feeling unloved.
Seek negative reaction from others. Passive-aggressive negativity

How do you define happiness?    

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What are you afraid of?

What we fear of doing most is usually we most need to do– Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is fear?   1402860474b11fa1f015ee40ef86d608

Fear is a physiological reaction to the situation we are in.  Although fear is important for our survival, it actually is False Evidence Appearing Real.  They also say Fear = Decision + Time.  The more time we spend on making a decision about something, that we feel uncomfortable, the more we become afraid of the outcome of that decision.

Feeling afraid is not good feelings

FEAR creates harmful chemical reaction in our bodies that have negative affect on our mental and physical health.  The most common side effect of fear is stress, which causes  many illnesses if not controlled.  The following article discusses the harmful affect of fear:

Shades of fear:

Media also plays an important role in creating fear in us. There are various shades of fears, nonetheless, it is fear. Fear attaches us to people and things.  We become afraid of:

  • Failure
  • The unknown
  • Losing face
  • Losing our partner/loved ones
  • Losing title or position at work
  • Appearing less than others,
  • Not knowing the result or not being able to control the results




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